Certified Clinical Sexologist & Sexuality Counselor

 Let’s face it, being in a relationship isn’t always easy.  At one time or another everyone goes through difficulty with their spouse.  Finding a way to have a successful happy relationship over a long period of time is a challenge for most people.

Hello and welcome to my website “The Happy Spouse” my name is Dr. Dawn Michael, I am an aasect certified sexuality counselor and certified clinical sexologist.  My mission is to help you take the guess work out of your relationship and resolve any problems you may be having.  If you are ready to bring more passion back into your life and create a deeper intimate relationship with your spouse then you have come to the right place.

Visit me at my beautiful office located in Thousand Oaks California, in the comfort of a safe and relaxing environment.


Each counseling session is interactive, giving you solutions to your problems through an individualized plan tailored just for you.  Some couples need help spicing up their sex lives, while others may be experiencing sexual issues that prevent them from having sex.  If you find that sex has become painful, frustrating or a duty then I can help you.  Perhaps one of you wants sex more often than the other creating a miss-matched sex drive?  Some couples need help repairing a marriage after infidelity or are interested in other options.  One problem that I address often is the idea of a man watching pornography or sex “addiction”  and how I can help the couple to address this issue without the label and get to the root of the problem.

  No sexual problem that you feel you may be experiencing is too big or complicated for me to help you with.  I have 19 years of working with couples will all types of challenges in their relationship and sex lives.