Relationship Expert & Intimacy Counselor


Dr. Dawn Michael 

In a society where most topics are too TABOO to speak about, Dr. Dawn Michael fills the void by encouraging open HONEST communication about Relationship, SEX and INTIMACY.

As a recognized relationship and intimacy counselor, Dr. Michael works to create an environment where individuals feel comfortable asking, and getting information about their most intimate issues.

Dr. Michael says that SEX is suppose to be FUN!

Drawing upon years of experience working with couples and individuals in relationships, Dr. Dawn Michael embraces the positive aspects of the relationship rather than the negative. Each counseling session with Dr. Michael is solution based with practical information with home exercises.
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SCOPE of Practice:

  • Relationship expert
  • Intimacy counseling
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Dating expert
  • Autistic individuals that need help with relationship and intimacy
  • ADHD and sexual related issues
  • Vaginismus Symptoms
  • Painful Sex
  • PTSD and effect on sexual health
  • Intimacy and relationship problems
  • Lack of desire
  • Sexual trauma
  • Gender issues
  • Teen sex education and help with sexual confusion
  • Gender transition
  • Marital sexual issues
  • Premarital counseling
  • Sex and aging what is normal sexual maturity
  • Fetish/Management
  • Mental illness and sexual issues
  • Pregnancy and child birth and how it affects intimacy
  • Cross dressing issues
  • Open relationship challenges
  • Pubic speaking events on relationships and sexual intimacy

Sexual Health and Wellness including HORMONE THERAPY, can change a persons life and their relationship.

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