Dr. Dawn Michael | Certified Clinical Sexologist & Relationship Expert

Let’s face it, being in a relationship isn’t always easy. At one time or another everyone goes through difficulty with their spouse or significant other. Finding a way to have a successful happy relationship over a long period of time is a challenge for most people.

Hello and welcome, my name is Dr. Dawn Michael certified clinical sexologist and relationship expert my mission is to help you take the guess work out of your relationship and resolve any problems that you may be experiencing with your sex life. If you are ready to bring more passion into your life and create a deeper intimate relationship then you have come to the right place.

Visit me at my beautiful office located in Thousand Oaks California, in the comfort of a safe and relaxing environment. 223 Thousand Oaks Blvd. Suite 211, Thousand Oaks CA, 91360 cropped-IMG_20150423_110600728_HDR-110.jpg

Each counseling session is interactive, providing solutions to your problems through an individualized plan that is just for you. Our first session is about getting to know your sex history, sex education and your personal issues, that is why I devote 80 minutes to each new client or couple I first meet. Some people need help spicing up their sex lives, while others may be experiencing sexual problems that prevent them from having sex at all or meeting that special someone. If you find that sex has become painful, frustrating or a duty then I can help you. Perhaps one of you in the relationship wants sex more often than the other creating a mismatched sex drive? Some couples need help repairing a marriage after infidelity or are interested in other options. One problem that is common is the use of pornography and how that can impact a relationship. The birth of a child can be a wonderful experience, but can create problems on a couples sex life, that can go on for years without proper resolution. Perhaps hormones are playing a role in lack of desire, or even the DESIRE to DESIRE?

Couples often ask for advanced sex education information and understanding how the body functions sexually as we age, or have developed a medical condition impeding sexual function. How does a person know if they are experiencing erectile dysfunction due to a health issue or just anxiety? Perhaps one of you has a secret fetish or fantasy that is causing problems with your sex life or you are questioning your sexual identity? Perhaps you are struggling in a sexless marriage and have given up all hope, I can help you. In my new book My Husband Wont Have Sex With Me, we talk about both men and women struggling with the idea of a sexless marriage. Regardless of your relationship status I help individuals as well as couples in all areas of sexual function.

No sexual problem that you may be experiencing is too big or complicated for me to help you with. I have 19 years of counseling experience working with couples and individuals that have many different challenges in their relationship and sex lives.

Dr. Dawn Michael’s Book. What every husband wants his wife to read and every woman who loves her husband wants to read! No matter what the intimacy is in your relationship there is always room for improvement. Be pro-active in making the sexual intimacy in your marriage a priority.

Comments from clients:

Thank you Dr. Michael for saving my sex life and explaining to my husband and I how the body functions sexually, we would never have understood why we were having our sexual problems without your help…..Dee Dr. Michael I cant express to you how relieved I feel now that we resolved the issue I was having with pornography, now my wife understands that it is not an addiction but a sexual pattern that we can both work on together….Ron I no longer have erectile dysfunction and can lead a healthy sex life and because of you I am getting married next month to my sweetheart…..Greg I have not been able to consummate my marriage and it has been a year of hell, thanks to your help I now know what the problem is and how we can work on it, and no longer blame my husband for the problem…Kelly Dr. Michael I love the fact that you have sex toys in your office, books and materials that we can view to enhance our sex lives and bring back the passion that we lost throughout the years….Looking forward to some sexy evenings with my husband….Sammy Sex has been painful for years, and I have been to so many doctors looking for answers with no hope. You were my last option and now after working with you I am able to finally enjoy sex with my husband. It has changed my life, thank you so much Dr. Michael for all of your help and never giving up on me……….. Rachel I could not have an orgasm and it has been so frustrating for so many years, thanks to your guidance Dr. Michael my boyfriend and I have learned new ways to have intimacy and lots of orgasms…..Elisabeth

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