Intimacy and Relationship Counseling For Couples and Individuals

In a society where most topics are too taboo to speak about, Dr. Dawn Michael fills the void by encouraging honest open communication about sex and intimacy.

MARIAGE-CHIC-WEDDING-VALENTINES-DAY-ENGAGEMENT-SHOOT-PHOTO-INSPIRATION-IDEAS-COUPLE-RED-DRESS-LIPSTICK-CUTE-COLOR-POP-LOVEAs a recognized expert in the field of  intimacy and relationship counseling, Dr. Michael works to create an environment where individuals feel comfortable asking, and getting information about their personal issues. Sharing a relationship with another person can be wonderful at times, but it can also be painful at times.  Positive open communication is the key to moving towards better sexual intimacy.

Dr. Michael makes it clear that communication is not always just verbal, but non-verbal as well.  Most couples are too afraid to talk about issues concerning intimacy in a relationship and because of that it keeps them from being open with one another.

Drawing upon years of experience working with couples and individuals in relationships, Dr. Dawn Michael embraces the positive aspects of the relationship rather than the negative. Each counseling session with Dr. Michael is solution based and pro-active.  Couples learn how to communicate better through proven exercises that Dr. Dawn Michael has developed.  The couple learns how to be intimate with one another, and most important how to understand the other person so that hurt feelings get resolved and replaced by positive feelings towards one another.  Couples learn about their own bodies sexually as well as their partners, sex education is key to having better sex!

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 5 Week Intimacy Counseling Intensive Workshop

f9c18b1e4403861bfcac683b5225-400x338Add the passion and fun back into your relationship!  Understand how the human body and mind work together to create amazing intimate sex!  Dr. Dawn Michael will address your mind, body, hormones, sexual health, sexual patterns, better sex advice, communication, sex education, fun home exercises and her own proven techniques.  

Put the sizzle back into the bedroom and throw out the boredom!  
Take her 5 week intensive intimacy counseling workshop and be proactive in your relationship!  Call today to set up initial appointment 50 minute session $150.00 for intake and assessment before course (805) 732-7847

Intimacy Guidebook for Couples used in sessions

Intimacy Guidebook for Couples

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Comments from clients

“Dawn made it so comfortable for my husband and myself to talk openly about sexual issues in our marriage.  We had lost the passion and were having a difficult time expressing that with each other.  It had been several years since we really had connected with each other sexually and I was feeling like we were never going to get it back.  We had been to marriage counseling which helped a little but it was more about the intimate connection rather than the little problems.   Dawn helped us to reconnect in ways that I thought were not possible.  Thanks Dr. Michael for helping us find the passion in our marriage again!

I made the appointment for my wife and myself because I felt like she was not enjoying sex with me anymore and I still felt very attracted to her.  After a few sessions with Dawn, my wife began to open up about herself.  Dawn gave us home assignments to do that were fun and we had a chance to explore sexuality in a new way.  The best part was having my wife back again and feeling like she was enjoying making love to me again.  Dawn I thought I would never have my wife back again, but this time around with your help it is even better!” 

“Sex had been painful for me for the past 4 years and I feel so bad every time my husband wanted to have sex and I would turn him down, but I did not know who to talk to about this, my gynecologist recommend that I see Dawn.  Dawn helped me understand my body, and how important it was to feel desire again, so I could get aroused and what I needed to do.  Now I no longer have painful sex, and understood why I was having it in the first place.  My husband started to come to the sessions with me and from there Dawn helped us to understand how the body matures and what we could do with each other to make the intimacy and the sex pleasureful again.   I would recommend her to any woman that wants to have a better sex life and a healthier relationship with her husband!”

“I had issues with erectile dysfunction for many years, and it kept me from having a relationship.  I had been to the urologist, but the pills did not work and I felt hopeless.  Dr. Michael explained to me why I was having the problem and how I could fix it.  After following her advice, and changing the way I was dealing with my issues surrounding my insecurities, I was able to perform again.  Thank you so much Dr. Michael for your patience, understanding and not judging me!”

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