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jZgHGpGF9YaMQ-U3_7n3V6ClRejHVMqvcYQBv7LukTELet’s face it. Being in a relationship isn’t always easy. At one time or another everyone goes through difficulty in their life, either maintaining a relationship, getting over a relationship or sexual issues. If that’s you, then welcome.  I am Dr. Dawn Michael a certified clinical sexologist and relationship expert who can help you every step of the way.  I work to create an environment where you can feel comfortable asking, and getting information about your most intimate issues.  Each counseling session is solution based with practical information.

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  • SCOPE of Practice:
  • Relationship expert
  • Intimacy counseling
  • Cheating and Recovery
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Dating expert
  • Autistic individuals that need help with relationship and intimacy
  • ADHD and sexual related issues
  • Pelvic inflammatory
  • Painful Sex
  • PTSD and effect on sexual health
  • Intimacy and relationship problems
  • Lack of desire
  • Sexual trauma
  • Gender issues
  • Teen sex education and help with sexual confusion
  • Gender transition
  • Marital sexual issues
  • Premarital counseling
  • Sex and aging what is normal sexual maturity
  • Fetish/Management
  • Mental illness and sexual issues
  • Pregnancy and child birth and how it affects intimacy
  • Cross dressing issues
  • Open relationship challenges
  • Pubic speaking events on relationships and sexual intimacy

Sexual Health and Wellness including HORMONE THERAPY, can change a persons life and their relationship.

Get an idea if your hormones are functioning. Sexual Health and Wellness Center


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