Fee’s for Counseling

New!  Because of the overwhelming emails with questions Dr. Michael receives daily we set up a system to answer those that are the most pertinent. If you are not ready for an appointment but would like your questions answered, she is answering your questions for a small fee.  How it works is pre-pay $25.00 to the BUY NOW button and put your question in the comment box to the right, limit 200 words and one question at a time.  Dr. Michael will get it back to you with the answer in 24 hours.


Fees for office, skype and phone appointment please pay by pay-pal 48 hours in advance to secure appointment.

    • First time clients please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out forms the cost is $250.00 for an 80 minute session pre-paid for 48 hours  in advance to hold appointment make payment to paypal.
    • (There are no refunds for pre-paid first appointments once made, but if you cancel 24 hours in advance the payment can be used towards future appointments within 6 month of the first appointment.  If you reschedule more than twice in a row there is no refund)
    • 50 minutes 190.00
    • 80 minute $250.00
    • 100 minutes $325.00
    • No weekend appointment available unless emergency.  Office hours 9-5:00 evening hours subject to special curcumstances and will be an addditional $25.00
    • Call (805) 329-6112 to set up appointment
    • Office Location
    • 223 Thousand Oaks Blvd. Suite 211
    • Thousand Oaks CA, 91360
    • Public Speaking, Lecture, Radio Events and Court Cases for Hire
    Dr. Michael does not  accept any insurance.  Please pay by cash, check or paypal, If paying by paypal pre-pay sessions only.

    Dr. Dawn Michael is a hired public speaker and can present at meetings, colleges, hospitals, radio, television and other events.  

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