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Erectile dysfunction (ED), used to be called impotence, and thought to be a common form of male sexual dysfunction in which the man is unable to achieve or maintain a satisfactory erection or has performanceiStock_smilingMan issues. 
Dr. Michael is a certified clinical sexologist.  She is a non-judgmental caring professional who wants to help you to have a healthy sex life.  Dr. Michael understands how important sexual function is and when a man is not able to have a healthy sex life it can affect his entire life.
Dr. Dawn Michael also works with other medical professionals such as Urologists,  Psychiatrists, to help men with sexual problems as a team approach.   As men age so does the penis, and the natural function of the penis.
Men in their 20’s and  30’s generally do not require as much mental or physical stimulation as they will need in their 40’s and 50’s and on up.  It is very common for a man in his 40’s to need more stimulation to maintain an erection as well as strengthening his PC muscles to have powerful orgasms and ejaculation.   Certain medications, as well as stress, can suddenly cause a man to have various forms of erectile dysfunction, but with proper information and a team approach those problems can go away.

Diagnosing & Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Dawn Michael offers a holistic approach to treatment.  Figuring out if Erectile Dysfunction is health related or psychological is the first step in treating the problem.  Some situations require both health and psychological treatment. Once determined that it is a psychological condition then there are various ways to treat the sexual issue.  Each man is individual in his treatment plan and that is best determined by evaluating past sexual mapping, sexual habits, current situations, anxiety, stress, medication and health related problems.


Understanding medical history and any medication, drugs or alcohol that may affect sexual performance and or desire, is part of the determining factor.   We offer proven techniques to improve performance and erection, erotic meditation, sex education, information on penis pumps, rings and toys, and other helpful tools along with sex coaching and counseling…..
There are many types of treatment options for men with ED.  We know that for men that have sexual issues it can be devastating and affect all areas of their life.  Men often times don’t know who to turn to when a sexual problem happens.  One of the most common questions that I get asked as a clinical sexologist by men is “Am I normal”.  The idea of “normal” becomes more important than getting help to resolve the problem or have a deeper understanding of what the issue may be.

Common Problems Resolved with Counseling

*Delayed ejaculation
*Dry orgasm
*Loss of erection
*Performance anxiety
*Rapid ejaculation
*Gender confusion
*Fetish information
*Loss of desire
*New relationships causing anxiety to perform
*Better sex techniques

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New Hope for Prostate Cancer Patients to Have a Healthy Sex Life

When a man has been diagnosed with prostate cancer it can cause an enormous amount of stress and anxiety.

For some men the loss of sexual function can even outweigh the fear of the disease itself. For most men prostate cancer is not fatal, and many men who undergo surgery or radiation therapy for prostate cancer, can survive the disease, but then have to deal with the tragic sexual side effects of treatment. Many men who undergo surgery or radiation therapy for prostate cancer will experience sexual dysfunction following treatment with erectile dysfunction being the most common problem encountered. Erectile dysfunction, regardless of cause, can be devastating to a man and his sexual partner. Read more


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