Sexual Health for Women

haloween2Dr. Dawn Michael’s Information on Sexual Health for Women, what your mother never told you and more!

1.  Did you know that on the average it can take a woman between 20 and 30 minutes to achieve an orgasm.  Rushing into one can have a negative affect and be the cause for not having one.  The body needs to be in a relaxed state so that a woman can get to the point where her mind and body connect.  About 70% of women do not have vaginal orgasms without direct clitoral stimulation but most can be taught how to.

2.  Just because the vagina may be wet or lubricated does not mean that a women is ready for sexual intercourse.  The vagina lengthens when aroused.  There is erectile tissue inside the vulva and the vagina, the inner lips swell making a cushion around the vulva and inside the vagina.  When a women’s vulva is not ready for intercourse it can be painful, and cause irritation to the urethra and pain during intercourse.

3. Lubrication is extremely important:  When using lubrication make sure it is a water based ph balanced lubricant.  Silicone lubricant does not always absorb into the body.  Any flavored lubrication usually contains sugar which can lead to a yeast infection, and should never be put inside the vagina.

4.  The vagina, clitoris and Sex toys, what you need to know!  Often times when sex toys are used incorrectly it can over stimulate the clitoris, and cause sensation loss. Direct clitoral stimulation with intense vibration can desensitize the clitoris.  instead it is recommended to use a softer vibration to build up or indirect stimulation to tease and create a more powerful orgasm.  There are clitoral legs that are located under the skin that are inside the vagina all the way back towards the cervix.  Ask Dr. Michael for her personal recommendation on sex toys……

5.  Kegel exercise is very important for every woman:  Especially women who have had children.  The stronger the PC muscles the better the orgasm will be.  Kegel exercise helps to stop urine leakage and leading to tighter vaginal walls.  Dr. Michael recommends kegel balls because they do the work for you!  Not having regular orgasms can lead to loss of muscle tone and less intense orgasms.  It is true what they say, “use it or lose it especially for woman”, and it is not just the strength of the orgasm but also the desire to have one.

An orgasm a day keeps the Dr. away!

6.  Having regular orgasms helps to regulate hormones and relieve stress.  A Woman’s body after orgasm and nipple stimulation releases oxytocin and dopamine, that creates the desire to want to have orgasms over and over again.  When women have sex with a partner and they do not have regular orgasms it can result in her losing her desire to want have sex with her partner.  When a woman orgasms with her partner and then cuddles, kisses and caresses she is releasing oxytocin, and this helps her to become more attached to her partner.

7.  If a woman is not ready to have sexual intercourse then so not do it, respect your body!  Women who have continued sex when they do not want to can create pain during intercourse, resentment, and anger.  Always respect your own body and keep in mind that if it doesn’t feel good, the body and mind are not physically or emotionally ready to do it.  Sex is suppose to be enjoyable and fun!  Women are naturally sensual beings and have the ability to be as sexual as men or more so.

If you are a woman that has lost all desire it is crucial to have your hormones checked to see if there is a physical problem as well.  For some women adjusting hormones can bring back the desire needed to want to be intimate again.

For a screening of your hormones set up an appointment today…

(805) 732-7847 it is as easy as taking a saliva test and then getting the results….

Dr. Michael’s fun recommendation for women who want to increase the intensity of their orgasm, put a little cream on and enjoy the sensation!




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