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1.  The average time it may takes a woman to achieve an orgasm is between 20 and 30 minutes and in most women, their mind and vagina need to be connected.  The body needs to be in a relaxed state to get to the point where a woman can climb up that mountain and then achieve the orgasm.  Some women are not able to achieve orgasm, due to tightening of the PC muscle.  This happens by not being able to relax and focusing on the need to orgasm so much that it never happens.  About 70% of women have not been able to achieve an orgasm without direct clitoral stimulation.

2.  Just because the vagina may be wet or lubricated does not mean that a women is ready for sexual intercourse.  The vagina grows in length when aroused.  There is also erectile tissue inside the vulva and the vagina, the inner lips swell making a cushion around the vagina.  When a women’s vulva is not ready for intercourse it can be painful, and cause irritation to the urethra and pain.

3. Lubrication is extremely important:  When using lubrication make sure it is a water based ph balanced lubricant.  Silicone lubricant does always absorb into the body.  Any flavored lubrication contains sugar which can lead to a yeast infection, and should never be put inside the vagina.

4.  The vagina, clitoris and Sex toys:  Often times when sex toys are used they over stimulate the clitoris. This can damage or desensitize the sensitive clitoral nerve endings, so direct clitoral stimulation with intense vibration can desensitize the clitoris, using softer vibration to build up or indirect stimulation to tease..  There are clitoral legs that are located under the skin that go inside the vaginal opening all the way to the back of the cervix.

5.  Kegel exercise is very important for every woman:  Especially women who have had children.  The stronger the PC muscles are the better the orgasm will be.  Kegel exercise also helps to stop urine leakage and leading to tighter vaginal walls.  I recommend kegel balls because they do all the work for you!  Also not having regular orgasms can lead to losers muscles and less intense orgasm.

6.  Use it or lose it, orgasms:  Having regular orgasms can help to regulate hormones and relieve stress.  Women when they have an orgasm their body releases oxytocin and dopamine, and makes them want to have them again and again.  Sex with a partner for long periods of time where a women never has an orgasm can result in her losing desire to have sex with her partner.  When a woman orgasms with her partner and then cuddles, kisses and caresses she is releasing oxytocin, and this helps her to become attache to her partner.

7.  Never have sexual intercourse if your body is not ready or you dont want it:  Women who have continued sex when they dont want it can cause lack of desire, pain during intercourse, resentment, and anger.  Always respect your own body and keep in mind that if it doesn’t feel good, that is probably because you are not physically or emotionally ready to do it.  Sex is suppose to be enjoyable and fun!  Women are naturally sensual beings and have the ability to be a sexual as men, and even more so, when they are open and ready for it.

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