Hello and welcome, I am a nationally recognized relationship expert and certified clinical sexologist. My mission is to help you resolve problems with your intimate life.  With 20 years of counseling experience, I have helped thousands of people improve their quality of life and marriage.  If you are single, or married and your sexual issues are creating problems in your life, it is best to get help before it becomes out of control.

My belief in strong family values is always at the forefront for helping you work through complex issues and keep the union together whenever possible.  For many people, family, religion, and values play a role in life that can complicate sexual problems and how to deal with them.  I take all of those factors into consideration when working with you.

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My Husband Won't Have SEX With Me

The book is for all couples who value a healthy sex life.  It delves into everyday issues couples have surrounding sex and how to communicate with each other.  This topic about a husband not wanting to be intimate with his wife is so taboo that most women will not even discuss it with their best friend.

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I think this book is perfect for couples who are having trouble in the bedroom. I recommend this book to married couples and to people in relationships. Easy to read, to the point and very helpful. A
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11 Sex Issues That Kill Marriages (And How A Sex Therapist Can Help)

Sex is a HUGE part of marriage.

Marriage counseling is a great way to help resolve issues in the marriage but it often falls short of getting into some of the more complicated sexual issues that couples may have.  Sex therapists are trained to help find solutions for couples who seek help with sexual or intimacy-related issues in the relationship.