The Ultimate Intimacy Guide For Passionate People

The Ultimate Intimacy Guide for Passionate People was written by Dr. Dawn Michael to help individuals and couples learn how to work together to create more intimate, loving connections, and improve their sex lives. This guidebook is recommended both as a standalone reference, as well as a supplement to her first book, My Husband Won’t Have Sex With Me.

After 19 years of working with couples, Dr. Michael felt traditional therapeutic tools were inadequate in addressing the sexual issues that many couples were experiencing in their relationships. She saw the need to develop a guidebook that would enable couples to open up to each other about their sex lives. The Ultimate Intimacy Guide for Passionate People addresses the problems that most couples experience at some point in their lives and provides the necessary tools for a couple to create better intimacy.

In this book, you and your partner will learn how to understand each other and put the joy back into love making.