Welcome to my website my name is Dr. Dawn Michael for over 20 years I have helped individuals and couples with their relationship issues. I have been featured in magazines, radio, and television for my expertise in the field of sexual health and relationship advise. Over the past 5 years I slowly began to see a problem taking place in our country and as an outspoken person I turned to social media to express my opinion. In the filed of sexual health I was expected to have a liberal view as well as my political beliefs, if I did not I was deemed as someone who should be destroyed by the mainstream media. As I continued to voice my opinions “they” went after my business, my reputation, my books, yelp, google all to destroy me and shut me up. After President Trump retweeted me 11 times, the death threats got worse and more hit pieces were written about me.

I changed my YouTube name to Politically Incorrect Sex Counselor as to be upfront with my audience as who they were tuning into, I was going to give them facts not propaganda.

On January 9th 2022 both my husband Abilio Ramos M.D and I ended up in the hospital sick from Covid. What took place at the hospital was nothing short of a horror story for both my husband and myself. I made it out of the hospital, yet my husband did not. He was given the drug Remdesivir which eventually shut down his kidneys and he went into cardiac arrest and died. We were both in the hospital at the same time, yet they would not allow us to see each other.

As a result of the death of my husband, I have retired from my practice and I am pursuing justice for his death and for other people who have lost loved ones due to the insane hospital protocols. My first mission is to warn people to stay away from the hospitals, next is to demand that the hospitals stop using the deadly drug Remdesivir and 3rd is to file a class action lawsuit against the hospitals and the protocols.

I have set up an email for all of those who have lost a loved one to the hospital protocol abilioclassaction@gmail.com

Please visit me on Twitter and Gettr for updates. 

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My Husband Won't Have SEX With Me

The book is for all couples who value a healthy sex life.  It delves into everyday issues couples have surrounding sex and how to communicate with each other.  This topic about a husband not wanting to be intimate with his wife is so taboo that most women will not even discuss it with their best friend.

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I think this book is perfect for couples who are having trouble in the bedroom. I recommend this book to married couples and to people in relationships. Easy to read, to the point and very helpful. A
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