Hello and welcome, my name is Dr. Dawn Michael, I am a nationally recognized relationship expert and certified clinical sexologist. My mission is to help you resolve problems that you may be experiencing with your sex life. You no longer have to suffer with pain, shame or guilt and feelings of being all alone. With 20 years of counseling experience I have helped thousands of people improve their quality of life in a few counseling sessions. If you are ready to bring more passion into your life and create a deeper intimate relationship then you have come to the right place.

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The Ultimate Intimacy Guide For Passionate People

The Ultimate Intimacy Guide for Passionate People was written by Dr. Dawn Michael, to help individuals and couples learn how to work together to create more intimate, loving connections, and improve their sex lives. This guidebook is recommended both as a standalone reference, as well as a supplement to her first book, My Husband Won’t Have Sex With Me.

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This Is The Secret To Maintaining Sexual Desire In A Relationship, Says Science

Well, according to an article in The New York Times, if you’re not having that much sex, you’re actually not alone. It turns out that most married couples are actually in some sort of sexual slump. And even some singles may be, too. But is there a fix?